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Chuck Thokey is a sales and marketing coach, author, mentor, and keynote speaker.  Helping small to large home improvement organizations grow their sales by as much as 50%, Chuck has the experience and knowledge to meet and even exceed your revenue goals.


Growing up near Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Chuck grew up with a love of aircraft which lead to Chuck eventually becoming a Flight Test Engineer at Bombardier Learjet in Wichita, KS.  After the 9/11 attacks, Chuck was forced to find another career path.  Moving back to Ohio, he became a mortgage broker working in sales and eventually into a national sales management position.  It was here he found much success through coaching and training hundreds of sales talent into top sales professionals.  Chuck began managing teams, many previously stagnant, by teaching how to increase revenue of large home improvement companies at record speeds.


Currently, Chuck is working with small, medium and large companies all over the country that are in need of coaching on different levels.  Speaking at many different conferences across the nation on topics ranging from The Prospects Experience, Strategic Closing, Emotional Intelligence in Sales and Sales Coaching

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  • Workshops and Keynote Speaking

    • Close Like The Pros​

    • The Prospect's Experience

    • Coaching and Leadership in Sales

  • Company Consulting

    • 10 Point Success Inspection – Chuck visits your organization and gets to work immediately with our proven Success Inspection.

      • Website Rating

      • Lead Generation Strategy

      • Sales Forecasting

      • Sales Process

      • Sales Training Schedule

      • Sales Team Rating

      • And more….

    • Sales Team Setup – Working with you to hire and train new reps

    • Outside Event Team – Chuck will help to build your Outside Events Department.

    • Sales Coaching – This is 12 months of on going coaching, Training and accountability to the goals set during the initial meeting.



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